STC’s core construction business focuses on heavy civil and mechanical construction projects. Our construction expertise includes water and waste water treatment plants, underground utilities, package treatment plants, pump stations, tank foundations, and utility service buildings.  
We take pride in self-performing the majority of our project work with our own employees; including site work, structural concrete, and process and mechanical piping, among many other operations.   

Water/Wastewater Treatment

From equipment upgrades and renovations, to full-scale plant construction, STC covers the entire range of projects in the Water & Wastewater industry.

Headworks Screening and Grit Removal Systems, Pumping Facilities, Treatment Tanks and Aeration Systems, Filters and Ultraviolet Disinfection Solutions, Solids Separation and Sludge Processing Equipment.


Structural Concrete

Construction of reinforced concrete foundations, tanks, and similar structures; including detailed and intricate forming operations for critical treatment systems.


Process Pipe Installation

Interior, exterior, and buried piping installation for the full breadth of process systems and utilities.

STC has successfully performed many types of construction projects throughout Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. With each project we complete we take great pride in knowing that the public’s health and safety will continue to be impacted positively by the quality of our workmanship.

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